'This day will be part of your memories, a new chapter, one you will remember in the loving years to come.'

- Davina' Isadora Marques

The Perfect moment...

I plan and design beautiful weddings in London and across the UK. Adding subtle luxury, combinedwith beauty & elegance, Dkm Events takes pride in its unique way to deliver andexceed expectations.


bout Davina...

Hi, I am Davina, creator of Dkm events, lover of all things wedding. Since working as an event coordinator for over 6 years, I finally decided to specialise in weddings & launch Dkm events in 2018, ever since I must say, I have had the most heart-warming experiences to date. As a wedding planner, I can proudly say ‘I love my Job’...

The Finer Details...

 " I believe it is in the attention to detail which leaves long lasting impressions & unforgettable moments. Together we can create a day that reflects you both individually and as one, a day which tells a story, this story will be shared with your loved ones in the most unique and meaningful way, lasting a lifetime. This day is yours. "

- Davina' Isadora Marques

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