Why hire a wedding planner?

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

First of all, I would like to start by saying Congratulations if you are recently engaged! This is the exciting stage where you have all these ideas and spontaneous thoughts running through your mind, you are overloaded with family and friendly input, you are overjoyed and excited, overflowing with love and happiness, and why not?

You are finally marrying the person of your dreams, you want to create a magical day where you can all celebrate your story & begin the journey of married life.

Then reality sets in, you may not have expected the work load involved when it comes to planning a wedding, finding yourselves suddenly discussing suppliers, budgets, guest lists & much more.

Not all brides & grooms need a wedding planner, this is okay! However, wedding planning may feel daunting & you may wish to seek professional assistance.

If you should decide that a wedding planner may be the best route for you, then here is my guide with ten reasons why you should hire a wedding planner?

Variety of services

Wedding planners usually have a variety of services to suit your planning needs, whether this is full planning, partial planning or on the day coordination. You may find that you need a bespoke service. Planners have these variety of services because you may not require a full planning service, you may need assistance in the middle of your planning process or you may need assistance to ensure the smooth run of the day, either way, a wedding planner can provide you with the perfect planning service for you according to where you are at with your planning stage, ensuring you get value for your money, the perfect assistance bespoke to you.

Trusted suppliers

We tend to have a strong list of our supplier contacts, individuals with whom we trust to cater to your every need, of course any final decisions are down to you both, however, having a variety of trusted suppliers can give you the assurance that all suppliers have been vetted & remain professional to a very high standard.

This is a wonderful industry, with so much talent, variety of styles & excellent work ethic. I will forever say that a wedding planner cannot plan her best work without the assistance of talented suppliers.

Our recommended choice of suppliers for your wedding, will serve as a reflection of our decision-making abilities and our good judgment on what we think will work for you, not forgetting to mention that with this, comes the knowledge of the average cost for products and services, saving you both time from comparing or wondering if you have purchased a good deal.

A genuine service

Some wedding planners including myself will not take any commission passed down from vendors or suppliers & we will pass on any discounts to you as our clients, saving you money in the long run. This, I believe shows our commitment to showing you that any professional advice we give to you when recommending suppliers or vendors, is purely for your benefit and the success of your wedding, without gaining anything in return.

Alone time

Wedding planning is not all about flower workshops and pretty, there is a lot of admin involved, finer details behind the scenes will need attention. Leaving you feeling overwhelmed.

Hiring a wedding planner will allow you the time to enjoy your engagement and planning process without becoming concerned with all the paperwork involved. Allowing you both the time to enjoy the process & leave the boring bits to your designated planner. Return to the planning with fresh eyes & a refreshed mind.


We spend our days keeping up to date with our industry for fresh, new ideas. As planners we are all unique in our own way and acquire different levels of training, regardless of where we are all at with our level of experience, we have chosen our career paths & part of being successful in this sector, is to gain as much knowledge in our industry keeping up to date with the latest trends that will inspire your design concept, aspects that you may have never heard of, but love the idea of. 

We have a lot more time to source for those tiny details which leave long lasting impressions. Wedding planners are here to inspire, create and deliver to you.

Wedmin all day, everyday

We love checklists, spreadsheets and wedmin! Whilst our couples may dread the idea of keeping track of guest lists & updating spreadsheets, we thrive on it. This is what we do, we break down all the key elements and proceed in a step by step manner and this involves quite a substantial amount of wedmin. We have our own unique way of organising our files & staying on track with your special day, we even have our own set of questions for each supplier to guarantee all grey areas are covered, offering you peace of mind, guaranteeing nothing goes unnoticed.

Friendly service

Your wedding planner should support & guide you every step of the way. This is not limited to giving you friendly advice & being available to you when you need it the most. We never get bored of wedding talk. Even if you remember something and it simply cannot wait, your wedding planner is available to you at any time to reassure, calm & ease tensions that may arise throughout the process. We also tend to have this calmness about us that is able to diffuse any situation effectively to your satisfaction.

Budget, budget, budget

Cost tracking your budget is vital. A good wedding planner will do their best to keep within your desired budget. Although your planner will create your dream day, we are also here to be realistic with you, in regard to what you can afford & what we can make happen in terms of your budget.

You can create a magical day to your hearts desires without breaking the bank. It can be done, it requires the correct supplier sourcing, good negotiation skills, being attentive to your budget & patience until you attain your desired shortlisted suppliers.

On the day schedule

On the day coordination/management is a critical stage, which we wedding planners are dedicated to perfecting. Without question we will all have our very detailed, very bespoke and very efficient on the day event plan, this will cover everything from placing your seating cards, remembering to buy our lunch, coordinating supplier arrivals to announcing the cutting of the cake.

It all boils down to this day, everything we have worked for will mean nothing if we do not get this right, in every possible way.

Your wedding planners on the day coordination and management plan, will ensure the success of the day, the last thing you need to do is worry about supplier arrivals or styling, so leave this to your chosen planner, this day is a day of celebration, a day to reap the benefits of the energy that you have put into your special day, sit back & take the dance floor.

Venue coordinator or Wedding planner?

Your venue may already have their in-house coordinator, not to worry, in my experience it is always wonderful to have a helping hand. However, there is a difference.

Your in-house coordinator will deal with the detailed aspects of the venue, they will only be available to you a couple months or weeks  before your wedding, they will ensure that the caterers & waiting staff are all on schedule & where they are supposed to be.

They will provide you with a list of their preferred suppliers, they will be available to you during the venues opening hours to discuss any wedding day aspects that involve the venue.

Your wedding planner on the other hand, will in fact, be with you from the initial stages of your wedding planning journey, from your ceremony & reception design stages, liaise, arrange & attend meetings with all your suppliers/ vendors, down to the management of the day. First to arrive, last to leave.

They are the main point of contact between you & your vendors, they will confirm that all suppliers/vendors are vetted, contracts are reviewed, handle emergencies effectively, they are accessible to you any time or day, they will create a detailed on the day schedule & will undoubtedly know what is happening with every single person involved on the day.

Although they can both seem to be similar, there is a big difference in the services they offer.

You will know when you have found the right wedding planner to take on the journey with you, we all have different experiences and services to offer. A few things to consider when choosing your perfect wedding planner:

Have they got the same wedding style as you?

What are they’re reviews like?

Does their website and social media inspire and excite you?

Can you afford their pricing?

Do you get a good first impression from them?

Do you both just click?

Do you like them?

This is such a wonderful industry to be a part of. I take pride in knowing & working alongside talented suppliers & other wedding professionals. 

We are all unique in our own individual way offering services to assist you as our clients, to create the unforgettable day you have always dreamed of.

Davina' Isadora xoxo

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